Here’s your getaway on Lake Huron

With its private balcony, the Aft Cabin room is the favorite room of many Adventure Inn B&B guests who are looking for a getaway on Lake Huron.

On a yacht, the so-called aft cabin often is the owner’s stateroom because it’s at the wide, roomy, aft end of the boat. Since this room is the original master bedroom of the house, with a restful, nautical decor, calling it the Aft Cabin was a natural choice.

Watch for satellites or greet the sunrise while sitting on the Aft Cabin’s private balcony. Your room is located at the end of the hall on the second floor in the northeast corner of the house. Open the sliding door and listen to the waves while you fall asleep.

Except for robust WiFi, available throughout the property, this room is a media-free retreat.

From $159 per night plus tax 

Dawn from the balcony in March

AFT Cabin Details

  • Custom tile shower
  • Fluffy towels
  • Italian-made Sonno Prima mattress
  • Luxury Comphy sheets
  • Extra pillows and blankets
  • Soap handmade in Michigan
  • Aveda shampoo and conditioner
  • Hair dryer, hair towel
  • Makeup remover wipes & towel
  • Fan
  • Wine glasses, cocktail glasses
  • Wine opener, napkins
  • Champagne bucket on request
  • Battery-operated candles
  • Acoustic smartphone speaker
  • Chair and reading lamp
  • Beach towels in season


Overview of Aft Cabin room
Aft Cabin bathroom shower
Aft Cabin art detail
view from the Aft Cabin balcony