Thanks for 15 great years

Adventure Inn in spring. Lots of tulips

It’s time for us to do more traveling

We paused Adventure Inn Bed and Breakfast to keep ourselves as far away from the coronavirus as possible.

The pause gave us time to reflect on how we most want to spend time while we’re younger and healthy. The decision: More Great Lakes boating, more travel to explore the rest of  the country.

We’ll miss being innkeepers. What started out as “let’s see if we enjoy this” turned into 15 years of strangers coming to our door and leaving as friends.

A big thank you to our guests. Your kind words, reviews, and repeat visits made the work worthwhile. Even the laundry.

Drop us a line. We’d love it.

— Sandy White & Nicholas DeGrazia

P.S. For a Lake Huron fix, Sandy Cottage rental next door is still available. 

Nicholas DeGrazia and Sandy White

Other Michigan B&Bs you’ll love

For as long as they’ll have me, I’ll continue to be the marketing director for the Michigan Bed and Breakfast Association, of which Adventure Inn has been a member. MBBA lists more than 70 member inns around the state. All of them are periodically inspected by independent reviewers using a 10-page list of standards for safety, cleanliness, and comfort.

If you’re looking for a terrific Michigan B&B with high standards, click the button below.

— Sandy White

P.S.  One more thing… for the widest selection of rooms and dates, for the lowest available prices, and for best service, don’t book on Expedia or another of those vast impersonal sites.

Instead, book direct on a hotel or B&B’s own website. Check out my video for MBBA showing various sneaky ways a Google search can lead you to Expedia et al, where, if you book a room, Google gets a cut. Paying the commission hurts a small business.

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